After an incredibly inspiring trip to New York in September 2019, two souls collided somewhere in the universe without knowing it. Then a single meeting between them was required to create something that would inspire ourselves and others. The first thing we shook hands on was that we would not be like everyone else!

We wanted to inspire with art and also in Swedish, create inspiration boards for Sweden , of Sweden , and then we together would decorate the country's walls with motivation, the plan was set. We would then sail further out into the world.

We are dedicated to designing affordable posters and exclusive canvas paintings with high quality art created exclusively by ourselves that are guaranteed to make you sit straight, roll up your sleeves and follow your passion.

From day one we have said that we want to live in a world that you touch, we want to live in a world with those who do! Hence our name - oneswhodo - and that's why we've introduced The Ones! Inspiring individuals and great personalities and companies as well as organizations that make an impression in the world by inspiring others in their environment and their community.

That is why we are so proud that our first exclusive collaboration will be with Johanna Lassnack, founder of, among other things, Ryttarinspiration. She is a lecturer, entrepreneur, rider and coach for young athletes and pepper as well as mentally coaches and gives riders a mental boost across the Nordics. Together with Johanna, we have designed a unique and exclusive poster collection with her unique inspirational and motivational quotes, horse posters and canvas, inspired by popular horse posters for us and you as her biggest fans, riding clubs and everyone else who is guaranteed to be inspired by her incredible energy and enthusiasm for personal development.


Our interior design tip is to let our large canvas paintings only rest against the wall either directly on the floor or sideboard in your reception, hall, bedroom, children's room or conference room. Why not combine small and large paintings and posters, standing posters with horizontal canvas with each other and create a picture wall with different kinds of frames or canvas ready to be hung directly on the wall. Ones Who Do offers posters and canvas in the formats 40x50 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. Explore our range, which we will constantly update, so stay tuned for news and new exciting collaborations. Tag your business, gym, home and wall with your designed posts, canvas or picture wall on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok or Pinterest with @oneswhodo!

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