Skapa tavelvägg – hur sätter jag upp posters och canvas?

Creating a picture wall - how do I set up posters and canvas?

Many people dream of having inspiring and appealing picture walls with nice posters and canvas in their home or office. They must motivate, inspire and be exclusive, while at the same time catching the eye's attention. How do I create a picture wall that easily spreads inspiration?

No guidelines when creating your picture wall

How you want your picture wall to look is entirely up to you. There are no guidelines or rules you have to abide by when creating your masterpiece for picture wall. Drawing, or imagining, what you want the final result to look like can be a good point to start from when you start.
What does the surroundings look like near your future picture wall - Are there a lot of details on the walls, good light, a lot of colors? Just like when you are going to decorate your home or office, it is important to try to look at the whole picture and not stare blindly at details.

The next question you should ask is what you want the picture wall to convey for messages. Do you want it to radiate inspiration? Motivation? Joy? Or maybe a mix of all three?
Another, oh so important aspect, is not to choose too many motifs with strong colors. This can create a very stressful and disorganized impression. Instead, try to keep a majority of your motifs in a similar color scheme when creating your picture wall, then select one or two motifs with stronger colors.

Assemble your canvas and put up posters
Just like when choosing your designs, there are also no guidelines for how to set up your posters and canvas. The possibilities are endless - you can frame your posters and place them on a shelf, you can hang your canvas on a hook in the wall. They can even stand on the floor if the motifs are large enough! How you want your picture wall to look is entirely up to your imagination.

When you receive your canvas from us, you do not have to worry about assembling your products. All our canvas products come pre-assembled on a V-frame, which means that you can start using your product immediately when you receive it. Your posters come rolled in a durable package, which ensures that your products are not damaged during transport.

Create the picture wall of your dreams with posters and canvas from Ones Who Do!