Kontrollera dagen, annars kontrollerar den dig!

Control your day, otherwise it will control you!

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

If there is one thing we can learn from time, it is that right now, and now, is always gone for you. The most important lesson is above all that continuous movement towards one and the same goal, together with repetitive habits, gives exchange and movement forward. Therefore, you should build a "I have decided for a destination, now I just drive, I have nothing to lose, I tried and I survived" mindset, every day until it becomes your mantra.

Your life is perhaps like a racing boat, where everything happens at a crazy speed and does not have time to slow down to decide your own direction, as the boat's speed takes you through the days. Maybe you're sitting still in a boat floating along the river, thinking you can never get up to speed exploring all the adventures on the other side?
Regardless of the situation, seen from different perspectives, the starting point is the same.
Few of us have set goals that allow us to take control of the day with a clear and precise direction.

Why not hang our 'Punch Today In The Face' mantra as a motivating factor in your home office, in the hall when you're on your way out to catch the day or in the office? Grab the steering wheel and your oars and steer your boat and release yourself free from old habits.

With the quote's power, the painting's designers have been inspired by the Swedish Defense's camouflage pattern M90, the “pile of leaves”, which corresponds with Swedish forests and plains, but in this year's color theme and trends that make it blend into both home, gym and office.